Trying new things!

I did this game in 5 hours. I didn't know Ludum Dare was happening this weekend, and I had other things going on, but I wanted to try, dang it!

I also didn't want to do the same old thing. A ball roller would have worked, it would have done exactly what I needed, but I've done a lot of ball rolling sims. Time to change it, even if just a little. So I made it 1st person.

I figured out how to do a timer, and a death screen.... and then couldn't find the vital bits to make the two work together. You are supposed to get a death screen after 10 seconds, but that missing code isn't there. HOWEVER! I think I can use what I've learned from this, and adjust a bit, and come back and finish this game next week.

Also... no music... I just didn't have time for music. I know there are ten more hours for the jam, but I have to leave for work in ten minutes. I spent all the time I could on this.

So, no rating, but I did make something, which is the first game I've made in a year. And I already know how to make it better, and have even more levels that get more challenging. 


Portal Play in browser
60 days ago

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